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aumentar o sperm

Ever wanted to shower your lover with cum? More-Sperm clynicaly tested formula has been proven to increase your sperm volume by 500%. And results are evident within the first week. Just imagine her delight to not only hear that your pleasure is increased, but to also see it! Now with MORE-SPERM you can be the sex stallion that any woman would desire.
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How More-Sperm works

More-Sperm is an all natural male enhancement formula that is proven to increase your SPERM by 500%. A large, volumes and Intense orgasm is an experience like no other and it is very satisfying for both partners - especially for the man. We are sure there have been times in every man's life where he has had a truly intense and incredible orgasm. But for most men, an explosive and mind-blowing orgasm doesn't happen every time, which is why they are searching for a product that can help them achieve this feeling of complete euphoria much more frequently. In such circumstances More-Sperm is the only product that can help them. This is why we have sold over 9,000,000 More-Sperm Bottles Globally.

What More-Sperm does

* Longer orgasms - Squirt for longer
* Multiple Orgasms - Cum 4 or more times in a row!
* 5 times more sperm - Cover your lover/s in it
* Improved flavor - Get more blowjobs!

More-Sperm Information

The usual dosage is 2 Tablets daily for 3 months, to increase sperm count. Take the pills 30 minutes after food, with a large glass of water. The effects from taking MORE-SPERM are experienced within the first weeks. During the course, especially the first 2 months it is important to be very disciplined and not miss any dose.You may if desired, take up to 4 pills daily, this can produce better results. But don't take more than 2 pills in 8hrs, and never take more than 4 pills in a single day

More-Sperm Missed dose and Side Effects

Missed dose

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as remembered; do not take if it is almost time for the next dose, instead, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule.

Side effects

More-Sperm has no known side effects. If you have any serious health concerns, or taking other medications, you should review the ingredients with your doctor.

More-Sperm Ingredients


Salabmisri 130mg:
A genus of terrestrial orchids which yield the Salep of commerce. The tubers contain a bitter principle and a volatile oil. They are used as a farinaceous food, nervine tonic and aphrodisiac.

Kokilaksha 64mg:
Kokilaksha (Hygrophilia auriculata) is a robust, erect, annual herb, with sub-quadrangular stem, thickened at nodes and yellow spines in leaf axis. It is used in disorders of the genitourinary system and is helpful in the cases of impotence, spermatorrhea and seminal debilities.

Vanya kahu 32mg:An erect leafy plant, usually prickly towards the base. The seeds yield a greenish yellow, semidrying oil. They are used for coughs and as a decoction for insomnia. The seeds are also reported to possess hypnotic and antipyretic properties. And have been used by the chinese for centuries, to promote sperm production,

Kapikachchhu 32mg:
its principal constituents are L-DOPA and the bioactive alkaloids mucunine, mucunadine, mucuadinine, prurienine and nicotine as well as ß-sitosterol, glutathione, lecithin, oils, venolic and gallic acids. L-DOPA is a neurotransmitter precursor, an effective drug for relief in Parkinson's disease. The seed is a prophylactic against oligospermia and is useful in increasing sperm count, ovulation in women, etc. It is a good aphrodisiac and also a nervine tonic. It is used in the treatment of spermatorrhea and diseases of the genitourinary system.

Suvarnavanga 32mg:it is an unsublimed tin preparation having a golden luster and flaky texture. It is useful in complaints of the reproductive organs. It is indicated as a rejuvenator and a tonic of high potency which induces health, vigor, improves appetite, increases memory, generates semen of high quality, cures gonorrhea, spermatorrhea, and leukorrhea. Suvarnavanga has been used as an aphrodisiac, brain tonic, antiemetic and in skin diseases, night sweats, diseases caused by the derangement of ‘vata’ and ‘kapha’. It improves the complexion. It also has anthelmintic property in addition to the above mentioned uses.

Vriddadaru 64mg:
The root of this large climber is used as a substitute for the drug described under the name of 'Vriddhadaraka'. In Ayurveda, the root is regarded as alterative, tonic and useful in rheumatic affections and diseases of the nervous system. The root is bitter, aphrodisiac, diuretic and used in gonorrhea, rheumatism and diseases of the nervous system. It is also used as a tonic in sex enhancement.

Gokshura 64mg:
It is well known diuretic plant drug useful in urolithiasis, dysurea, impotence and kidney dysfunction.

Jeevanti 64mg:
The plant is stimulant and restorative and shows anti-bacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Shaileyam 32mg:
The plant is astringent, bitter, acrid, cooling, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac. It is useful in sores, boils, inflammations, seminal weakness and amenorrhea.

More-Sperm guarantee

Each order for More-Sperm comes with 100% customer satisfaction or unconditional 100% Money-back guarantee!
More-Sperm have been tested and proven to be effective  in multiple clinical studies and based on feedback of 1000's of our worldwide customers. If you will not be 100% satisfied with results after taking More-Sperm, e-mail or call us, and we will provide you with full unconditional refund for your order.

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